Project Lifesaver Manitoba was created through a partnership with the Winnipeg Police Service Ground Search and Rescue Unit (WPS GSAR), the volunteers of Winnipeg Search and Rescue (WINSAR) ( A Chapter of the Search and Rescue Manitoba Volunteer Association SARMAN VA) and other community partners.

Project Lifesaver International and Project Lifesaver Manitoba are non-profit organizations that bridge the technological gap for “at risk” populations and public safety agencies. We provide police, fire/rescue and other first responders with a comprehensive program including equipment and training to quickly locate and rescue “at risk” individuals. Our clients are those with cognitive disorders who are at constant risk to the life threatening behavior of wandering, including those with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and Down syndrome. Project Lifesaver has over 1,200 participating agencies throughout 47 states in the U.S., Canada (parts of BC, ON, NS, PEI, MB) and Australia, and the tracking technology has been used in over 2,637 searches in the last 13 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported. Project Lifesaver provides equipment, training, certification and support to law enforcement, public safety organizations and community groups involved with the care of our most vulnerable citizens.