Project Lifesaver Manitoba (PLMB) coverage will start with the City of Winnipeg as resources are in place to provide the best possibility for response by trained Electronic Search Specialists (ESS). As PLMB has trained both Winnipeg Police Ground Search and Rescue Members and Volunteers with Winnipeg Search and Rescue, we have a much higher probability of having trained responders available to assist normal police responders with the search for our clients.

Many of our trained ESS live outside the City of Winnipeg and would voluntarily respond outside the city. This would only occur with permission from the RCMP or other agencies having jurisdiction for SAR. If you live in a community near the City of Winnipeg, and believe your loved one would be safer if they were wearing a Project Lifesaver Manitoba bracelet, please contact us. Together we can discuss with other agencies to determine if we can extend our service to your area.


Nova Scotia:

Project Lifesaver Nova Scotia is now offering service throughout their province.


Project Lifesaver has been working on extending service into PEI

British Columbia:

Project Lifesaver Greater Victoria


There are a number of Police agencies that offer Project Lifesaver as a service within their jurisdiction.

Thunder Bay – Service provided by the Lakehead Seach and Rescue Unit.

Windsor – Windsor-Essex Project Lifesaver

United States:

There are 45 US States that have some Project Lifesaver coverage. Check the link below before travelling. Not all areas of all States are covered. For example the nearest PL Chapter to Disney World is about 25 miles away.

Project Lifesaver USA